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This Handbook has 269 pages of fascinating insights into the mind of the Private Banker.


Estimates show that there are around 20,000 Ultra High Net Worth individuals inexistence today, each with bankable assets in excess of $50 million. Betweenthem they possess a wealth of $5,000 billion, 10% of the world’s estimated totalwealth. The UHNW wealth management business is therefore a criticallyimportant as well as complex part of modern finance. It exists within a “client-banker-bank” triangle and is influenced by serious exogenous factors in political,economic and fiscal environments, as well as by numerous emotional, familialand personal dimensions. In this book the authors address these complexrelationships, serving as guides and advisors for UHNW bankers, banks and clients alike.The authors’ clients have taught them that the three major frustrations for privatebanking clients are bad performance, bad communication with the banker, andconfusion in the face of poorly explained financial processes. In the first part of the book the authors offer their expert solutions to these problems and, in thesecond, help to eliminate confusion by explaining UHNW financial processes asclearly and simply as possible.

The authors mix authoritative advice, gained from long careers in wealthmanagement, with anecdotes and narrative, to make the book approachable aswell as informative. The book also contains five major case studies that help toexemplify certain elements involved in UHNW banking across the world,including the importance and impact of: family values and governance; clientconfidence and connections; cultural and religious considerations; philanthropy;market crises and volatility; portfolio diversity and enterprise management.

This book is for private bankers who work or aim to work in the Ultra High NetWorth field, the most sought-after and secluded high-end client segment of private banking and wealth management. For UHNW clients, this book is a guideon how to deal with your bankers and what you can expect from them, depictingthe view from the other side of the table. And for the management of a privatebank or private banking division of a financial institution, this book will serve asan essential introduction on how to improve performance.

Expert, in-depth and accessible, The Ultra High Net Worth Banker’s Handbook is the ultimate guide to this area of modern finance.

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